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Accounting Consultants, Inc, and CASH - CASH was developed by Accounting Consultants Inc. and Founder, President James R. Yanta, as an answer to his clients' frustrations with the complexity of existing accounting systems. With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Yanta has taken his vast knowledge of accounting procedures and compiled them into a format that is so unique, so simple, that you can't afford not to use it!

Customized Accounting System Handbook (CASH) - With the easy-to-understand-and-use CASH System you will learn how to:
  • Organize the record-keeping of your income and expenses
  • Track deductible expenses
  • Decrease time spent on frustrating paperwork
  • Increase your profits
  • Reduce your income tax liability
  • Maximize the advantages of having your own business

CASH will help you organize your business records and track your income and expenses on an ongoing basis with uninterrupted access to the system 24/7. As a result, you will be more knowledgeable about your business and better able to make important decisions regarding its management and day-to-day operations. The CASH System will help you to work with your accountant throughout the year to ensure your taxes are properly prepared with the maximum benefits to you. You will find the CASH System easy to understand and, when maintained properly, you will realize the many financial benefits of having your own business.

CASH has been developed for - and can be customized to - virtually every type of business, including but not limited to: retail, wholesale, construction, services, restaurants, rental properties, home-based businesses, and all professionals. It is private, secure, and confidential. No credit card or checking account numbers are listed anywhere at any time.

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Contact us for information about how ACI can help with your business needs.

Contact us for information about how
ACI can help with your business needs.

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